Student Master's Research Projects (MRPs) and Theses


Jiang, Chao

MA Major Research Project entitled: “CKNNI: An Improved KNN Missing Value Handling Approach” (Supervisor – Professor Zijiang Yang)

Saeideh Hamidi

MA Thesis entitled: “Automating Software Customization via Crowdsourcing Using Association Rule Mining and Markov decision Processes” (Supervisor – Professor Sotirios Liaskos)

Roni Sandel

MA Thesis entitled: “An Approach to Designing Clusters for Large Data Processing” (Supervisor – Professor Marin Litoiu)

Jiajin Wu

MA Thesis entitled: “Using Learning to Rank Approach to Promoting Diversity for Biomedical Information Retrieval with Wikipedia” (Supervisor – Professor Jimmy Huang)

Sushma Yalamarti

MA Thesis entitled: “Using Semantic-Based user Profile Modeling for Context-Aware Personalised Place Recommendations” (Supervisor – Professor Jimmy Huang)

Parisa Zoghi

MA Thesis entitled: “A Methodology for Eliciting and Ranking Control Points for Adaptive Systems” (Supervisor – Professor Marin Litoiu)


Mehrnoush Ashrafi

MA Major Research Project entitled: “Comparison and U.S. and Australia Banking Systems using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)” (Supervisor – Professor Zijiang Yang)

Zahra Amin Nayeri

MA Thesis entitled: “A Time-Aware Approach to Improving Ad-hoc Information Retrieval from Microblogs” (Supervisor – Professor Jimmy Huang)

Antanaz Babashzadeh

MA Thesis entitled: “Exploiting Semantics for Improving Clinical Information Retrieval” (Supervisor – Professor Jimmy Huang)

Hoda Forghani Raissi

MA Thesis entitled: “Using a Combination Methodologies for Improving Medical Information Retrieval Performance” (Supervisor – Professor Jimmy Huang)

Faraz Khan

MA Major Research Project entitled: “Requirements Volatility in IS Development Projects” (Supervisor – Professor Younes Benslimane)

Ling Liu

MA Major Research Project entitled: “Using data Mining Techniques to Improve Location Base Services” (Supervisor – Professor Zijiang Yang)

Sepehr Pashang

MA Major Research Project entitled: “The Effects of Environmental Disaster on International Human Migration” (Supervisor – Professor Sotirios Liaskos)

Vasileios Theodorou

MA Thesis entitled: “Adaptive Mechanisms for Mobile Spatio – Temporal Applications” (Supervisor – Professor Marin Litiou)

Manil Wagle

MA Major Research Project entitled: “Bankruptcy Prediction using Data Mining Techniques” (Supervisor – Professor Zijiang Yang)

Qiang Wu

MA Major Research Project entitled: “Easy Adaption and Development with OKAPI” (Supervisor – Professor Jimmy Huang)


Ahmed Husain Al Sinan

MA Thesis entitled: “Re-ranking Real-time Web Tweets to find reliable and influential Twitterers” (Supervisor – Professor Jimmy Huang)

Ian Gergin

MA Thesis entitled: “Controlling Performance and Cost of Clustered Applications in Large Share Virtual Environments” (Supervisor – Professor Marin Litoiu)

Xiaoli Hu

MA Major Research Project entitled: “A Case Study on OKAPI Application” (Supervisor – Professor Jimmy Huang)

Rina Jalman

MA Thesis entitled: “On Eliciting Preference and Contribution Measures in Goal Models” (Supervisor – Professor Sotirios Liaskos)

Dawid Kasperowicz

MA Thesis entitled: “Semantic Concept Extraction from Electronic Medical Records for Enhancing Retrieval Performance” (Supervisor – Professor Jimmy Huang)

Hwarang Kim

MA Major Research Project entitled: “A Case Study of Big Data Discovery Practices: Predictive Models to Classify Reward” (Supervisor – Professor Zijiang Yang)

King Lau

MA Major Research Project entitled: “Mining IMDB Data and Youtube Sentiments for Predicting Movie Sales Performance” (Supervisor – Professor Jimmy Huang)

Yuanyuan Luo

MA Major Research Project entitled: “Evaluating the Productivity and Profitability of U.S. Banks Using Data Envelopment Analysis” (Supervisor – Professor Zijiang Yang)

Anzira Rahman

MA Thesis entitled: “An Empirical Study on the Role of Requirement Engineering in Agile Method and Its Impact on Quality” (Supervisor – Professor Luiz Cysneiros)

Robert Saggiorato

MA Major Research Project entitled: “The Future of Health Record Management. A Study of Electronic Health Record (HER) Implementation” (Supervisor – Professor Jimmy Huang)

Christiano Santiago

MA Major Research Project entitled: “An analysis on the Impact of Interoperability and Business Processes on Information Transparency within Non-Interoperable Systems” (Supervisor – Professor Luiz Cysneiros)

Yan Tu

MA Thesis entitled: ”Partial Focus Feature Reduction: An Optimal Customer Relationship Management Classification Framework” (Supervisor – Professor Zijiang Yang)