Degree Requirements

Students have three options for completing the program:

  1. Thesis Option: Five 3.00 credit courses and a thesis
  2. Major Research Project (MRP) Option: Seven 3.00 credit courses and a research project
  3. Coursework Option: Ten 3.00 credit courses

Full–time students must  complete the program with Thesis option. This requires a thesis supervisor who agrees to supervise the student. The supervisor is identified at the time of admission.

Part–time students can complete the program in any of the three options. If not otherwise specified, the default admission for part-time students is for coursework option. Option changes are possible during the program with the approval of the Graduate Program Director.

Part–time students completing the coursework option are advised that this option may limit their eligibility for most PhD programs in the area of Information Technology.

Students must successfully complete the following:

The required half course:
*ITEC 6310 3.00 Research Methods in Information Technology

An additional 12 credits (thesis); 18 (MRP); 27 (coursework) from the MAIST core:

ITEC 4010/5210 3.00 Systems Analysis and Design
*ITEC 6205 3.00 Advanced Web Mining
*ITEC 6110 3.00 Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture
*ITEC 6120 3.00 Systems Requirements Management
*ITEC 6130 3.00 Service Oriented Computing
*ITEC 6140 3.00 Software Product Lines
*ITEC 6150 3.00 Information Systems Architecture
*ITEC 6160 3.00 Cloud Computing Systems
*ITEC 6210 3.00 Advanced Information Retrieval Systems
*ITEC 6220 3.00 Advanced Information Management
*ITEC 6230 3.00 Health Information Systems
*ITEC 6320 3.00 Information Technology and Organizational Strategy
*ITEC 6330 3.00 Designing and Building e–Business Applications
*ITEC 6340 3.00 Application and Design of Metaheuristics
*ITEC 6510 3.00 Applied Optimization in IS
*ITEC 6520 3.00 Agent-based IT
*ITEC 6710 3.00 Blockchain and Financial Technologies
*ITEC 6970 3.00 Advanced Topics in Information Technology

Up to six credits of elective courses from other units may be taken in place of credits from the MAIST core, where appropriate to support students’ research or career specializations, and with permission of their supervisors and the Graduate Program Director.

For more information, please visit the graduate admissions website.