BensilmaneBenslimane, Younes, PhD (University of Quebec in Montreal) Associate Professor

Areas of research: System Analysis and Design, Business Process Management, IS Development Methodologies and Practices and Skill requirements for IT Professionals

Room 3061 TEL, ext. 20388
Website: www.math.yorku.ca/~younes
Email: younes@yorku.ca

CampeanuCampeanu, Radu, PhD (University College London) Professor

Areas of research: Computer imaging systems and computational quantum collisions.

Room 3059 TEL, ext. 30105
Website: www.yorku.ca/campeanu
Email: campeanu@yorku.ca

Chen, Stephen, PhD (Carnegie Mellon) Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program  Director

Areas of research: Information Technologies, Numerical and Combinatorial Optimization, Heuristic Search, Evolutionary Computation, Swarm Intelligence.

Room 3046 TEL, ext. 30526
Website: www.yorku.ca/sychen/
Email: sychen@yorku.ca


Cysneiros, Luiz, PhD (PUC, Rio de Janeiro) Associate Professor

Areas of research: Requirements Engineering, Non–functional Requirements, Agent–Oriented Software Development, Business Modeling.

Room 3053 TEL, ext. 33886
Website: www.yorku.ca/cysneiro/
Research Group: http://se.news.yorku.ca/
Email: cysneiro@yorku.ca

Erechtchouova, Marina, PhD (Rostov State University) Associate Professor

Areas of research: Information Technologies and Environmental decision making, Environmental sustainability and Simulation modeling, Data modeling and database development.

Room 3045 TEL, ext. 30307
Website: www.yorku.ca/marina/
Email: marina@yorku.ca

HuangHuang, Jimmy, PhD (City University, London) Professor and York Research Chair

Areas of research: information retrieval, data mining, natural language processing, computational linguistics and bioinformatics.

Room 3048 TEL, ext. 30149
Website: www.yorku.ca/jhuang/
Research Lab: http://www.yorku.ca/jhuang/irlab/
Email: jhuang@yorku.ca

Khaiter, Peter, PhD (Rostov State University) Associate Professor and Undergraduate Internship Coordinator

Areas of research: Information Technologies, Environment, Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems with Primary Focus on the Assessment and Management of Natural Resources.

Room 3044 TEL, ext. 30311
Website: www.yorku.ca/pkhaiter/
Email: pkhaiter@yorku.ca

Liaskos, Sotirios, PhD (University of Toronto) Associate Professor and School Director

Areas of research: Requirements Engineering, Software Customization, Software Product Lines

Room 3051 TEL, ext. 33862
Website: www.yorku.ca/liaskos/
Software Engineering Research Group: http://se.news.yorku.ca/
Enterprise Systems Lab: http://www.ensys-lab.ca
Email: liaskos@yorku.ca

LitoiuLitoiu, Marin, PhD (Carleton University) Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director

Areas of research: Autonomic and Adaptive Systems; Software Engineering; Cloud and Service Oriented Computing; Big Data Technologies; Internet of Things and Cyberphysical Systems.

Room 3047 TEL, ext. 20987
Website: www.yorku.ca/mlitoiu/
Software Engineering Research Group: http://se.news.yorku.ca
Adaptive Systems Research Group: http://www.ceraslabs.com/
Email: mlitoiu@yorku.ca

WalkerWalker, Marshall, PhD (University of Toronto) Professor 

Areas of research: Curves and Surfaces in Computer Aided Geometric Design and Approximation Theory

Room 3063 TEL, ext. 33431
Email: walker@yorku.ca

YangYang, Zijiang, PhD (University of Toronto)  Professor 

Areas of research: Performance analysis in financial industry, Classification and prediction, data mining, decision support systems.

Room 3049 TEL, ext. 66098
Website: www.people.math.yorku.ca/~zyang/
Email: zyang@yorku.ca

XhyuYu, Xiaohui, PhD (University of Toronto) Associate Professor

Areas of research: Database systems.

Room 3050 TEL, ext. 33887
Website: www.yorku.ca/xhyu/
Email: xhyu@yorku.ca

Faculty with primary appointment in other programs

An, Aijun, PhD, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Asgary, Ali, PhD, Associate Professor,  School of Administrative Studies

Lesperance, Yves, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science,

Spraakman, Gary, PhD Professor School of Administrative Studies

Wang, Steven, PhD, Associate Professor Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Wong, Augustine, PhD, Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Wu, Jianhong, PhD Professor, Tier I CRC, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Zhu, Huaiping, PhD, Professor Department of Mathematics and Statistics